Grass roots people from the fishing and seafood industry need Research Development and Extension (RD&E) to specifically address their business requirements. To help improve Industry RD&E in this area, FRDC has approved a new three year project to gather RD&E ideas from Industry people, on a national and regional scale. These ideas will be used as a basis to develop projects to address Industry needs and shape future RD&E in their fishing and seafood industry.

The focus of the RD&E will be on improving ‘value’ in its broadest sense, taking into account the varying individuals and sectoral needs, including efficiency, profitability and performance as well as other characteristics such as social aspects, enjoyment, wellbeing, amenity and cultural needs.

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Project Development and Linking Process - Empowering II

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Project Summary - Empowering II

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Project Outcomes - Empowering I

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