The Director of Fishwell Consulting, Dr Ian Knuckey provides expert research advice and consulting services to encourage and promote sustainable fishing practices to the commercial fishing industry within Australia. With a PhD in fisheries population dynamics, BSc (Hons) in Marine Ecology and over twenty years of experience; Dr Knuckey has extensive knowledge and is an expert within the industry.

The Fishwell Consulting team delivers high quality and accurate scientific publications, comprehensive reports, research and consulting proposals to the commercial fishing industry, commonwealth and state government departments, research and management organisations, funding bodies and the broader fishing community.

Dr Knuckey is a specialist in the industry and offers expertise In a variety of areas, in particular; temperate and tropical fisheries, invertebrate fisheries and both inshore and deepwater scalefish and shark fisheries. 

Dr Knuckey has implemented the successful Integrated Scientific Monitoring Programs for the South East Fishery and Great Australian Bight fisheries and is the Principal Investigator of a number of research projects including, Investigation of the use of modified trawl gear to reduce bycatch levels in these fisheries; Introducing an industry-based fishery independent survey into the SEF; Development of electronic logbooks for fishing vessels; and, Forming an Australian-wide company to utilise through-chain production of seafood wastes.