A complete eLog Software Solution

Sophisticated, affordable, multi-level software tool for the recording and reporting of ALL marine and vessel-based data. 

Fifteen years ago, Olrac began the development of an Electronic Logbook system (Elog) for the international commercial fishing fleet. The present version of the system developed by Olrac is named Olrac Dynamic Data Logger (Olrac DDL www.olsps.com). Olrac DDL is a third generation of the Elog developed and can be customised to comply with any data logging and reporting requirements regardless of fishery, fishing method, country or language. 

Olrac DDL is a complete, standalone, data logging and reporting solution. It is extremity easy to use, relatively cheap, can work on any computer and take up very little memory. Olrac DDL’s output can be printed, saved or transmitted digitally to any third party database and/or to the Olrac native shore database. A version of Olrac has been developed for the EU market and is completely compliant with EC eLog regulations (1077/2008).

OLRAC also developed a web based Olrac Dynamic Data Manager (Olrac DDM) which offers more functionality than the name implies. Essentially, it allows for reports sent from the vessels to be received and processed, and sent on, as necessary, to the relevant fishing authorities. It also allows for analysis of catch taken against quota, and for various regulatory reports to be easily produced. It is web-based, and could very easily be altered to accommodate the recording of activities taken after the vessels have landed their catch – for example, the loading of catch into containers at port, the movement of catch to factories for processing, and the sale of catch to agents / wholesalers.

Dr Ian Knuckey of Fishwell Consulting is the Australian Representative of Olrac.  Olrac is an intelligent database solution for the capture and management of fishing data.  It is a dynamic and a user-friendly electronic fishing logbook.  Used by the Commercial and Recreational Fishing Industries, Olrac is a valuable tool to track fishing activity in real time.

Olrac was specifically designed to address the complex data collection and reporting requirements of modern fishing operations.

Olrac makes it easy for you to record and analyse your fishing activities.

To learn more please visit www.olsps.com/elog or Contact Dr Knuckey for further information regarding Olrac as a software solution.