Empowering Industry

Empowering Stakeholders to Initiate and Advance R&D Projects in the Seafood Industry

  • This project empowered people in the broader fishing and seafood industry to increase their level of responsibility and contribution towards specific R&D that will benefit their industry
  • Endowed stakeholders with skills to prepare, submit and manage R&D projects
  • A broad range of high-quality, Industry focused stakeholder driven R&D projects have been developed, generally outside of the typical Agency driven R&D, but which still addressed strategic challenges identified as R&D priorities.
  • The identification of opportunities for improvement in the existing FRAB and FRDC process
  • The identification of a wide range of funding sources suitable for industry based R&D
  • The recognition that there would be benefit in continuing to provided the type of services provided under this project
  • Opportunities exist to build on the 'Empowering Industry' project model in the future.